about me

Hello there, my name is Lukas. Or Blue if you want to use my nickname. I am a specialized computer scientist in application development in Germany (Stuttgart).
For about 11 years now, i have been working on lots of projects of different sizes and each challenging in an unique way. Some of those projects can be found below and on my GitHub page.

my projects


since 2018 · Java · JavaScript · ThreeJS (WebGL)

This tool generates a map from a minecraft-savegame, that then is viewable in a web-browser in full 3D. I started this project in 2018 and have been working on it since. With 12000+ lines of Java code, this is my biggest and best project yet.

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since 2013 · Java · MySQL · PHP · JavaScript · nginx · much more

craftednature is a gaming-community around a minecraft-server. Since the beginning in 2013 I was responsible for setting up and maintaining the game-server and the design and creation of the communitiy-website. The server was highly modified to manage all users, game-features and create integrations between website and server. Currently the project is on hold due to long waiting times for updates to the underlying framework

Pentatonik Cheatsheet

2017 · JavaScript · JQuery · PHP

A small tool for guitarists, showing all the pentatonic scales (minor) for every pitch. Usefull to learn the scale on every fret of the guitar


2014 · Java · lwjgl (OpenGL)

This is a recreation of a game called "Cuberunner" that I developed during an internship at the data center of Heilbronn University. This was my first experience with 3D applications and lwjgl (OpenGL). Starting with only displaying a rotating cube, I expanded the task to end up with this little game.

Connect Four

2010 · java · AI · AWT/Swing

This is one of my first Java-Projects from about 11 years ago. It is a recreation of the well known game "Connect Four". You are playing agains an AI that is calculating it's next moves using a search- and evaluating- algorithm. This project teached me a lot about multidimensaional-arrays and the use of recursive functions.

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